Changing Hearts – Saving Lives

When “mercy and truth have met together” through compassionate non-judgmental care, the results are amazing and wonderful for our clients and our community, both now and for eternity. The issues relating to sexuality — unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, abortion, post-abortion consequences — affect everyone in our community.

Life Choices is here to advance the cause of Life, in Christ’s love, to bless our entire community. For 32 years, Community Pregnancy Center of Carson City, now doing business as LIFE CHOICES, has worked to save and protect the most vulnerable lives in Carson City and surrounding areas. We work against the tide of sexual irresponsibility, epidemic STDs, unplanned pregnancies, abortion, broken relationships, and broken lives. We help to move people off the path of destruction and onto the path of Life. It has been our privilege to:

  • Serve more than 10,000 women with complementary services including pregnancy tests, peer counseling, and ultrasound.
  • See hundreds of babies born whose mothers might otherwise not have carried to term.
  • Teach 30-60 mommies and daddies-to-be each year, since 2008, about pregnancy and parenting.
  • Challenge 6000 students, since 2007, to think seriously about their health and relationships through Abstinence until Marriage training.
  • Bring hope and healing through Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study to dozens of women struggling with post abortion consequences.
  • Help many find restoration and new life through the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Each year, hundreds more in our community need to hear the truth and be supported as they choose the best for their lives. Everyone can make a positive difference as we love like Jesus loved and join in compassionate service.


  • Peer counseling
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Limited Ultrasounds
  • Abortion facts
  • Post-abortion information
  • Adoption facts and referrals
  • Pregnancy and Parenting classes
  • Maternity and baby clothes
  • Referrals for housing, medical, education, legal, adoption, churches, etc.
  • Abstinence until marriage training for High Schools and Middle Schools
  • HOPE Team (Healthy Options and Purity Education) for youth groups
  • Bible Study for women who have abortion in their past

Fast Facts

  • In Nevada, an abortion happens on average every 48 minutes, with 11,000 abortions taking place each year.
  • Nevada ranks 5th highest in the United States for teen pregnancy and Carson City ranks highest in the state.
  • 85% of women who have aborted say they didn’t truly want to.
  • 64% of women felt coerced into aborting.
  • 65% say they suffered trauma after abortion (Elliot Institute, 1996).
  • LIFE CHOICES has never had a client, among thousands, who said she regretted carrying her baby to term.
  • 99+% of LIFE CHOICES clients say they would recommend LIFE CHOICES to a friend.
  • All LIFE CHOICES ultrasounds are provided by licensed nurses serving under a licensed physician.
  • LIFE CHOICES discloses that it neither performs, nor refers, for abortions.