If you’re replacing your vehicle, consider donating your current car, truck, motor-home, or motorcycle to LIFE CHOICES.

Contact Donate For Charity at Tell them the proceeds are for LIFE CHOICES in Carson City, NV. LIFE CHOICES is a registered charity with Donate For Charity. They will pick up your vehicle, sell it, provide you with a statement for your taxes, and give the proceeds to LIFE CHOICES.


CPA-form 990 preparation, Printing, Graphic Design, Video, Writing, Construction, Handyman, Painting

LIFE CHOICES and you…meeting needs with compassion and practical resources.

Our heart is to provide things for both baby and mom that our clients can be proud of. Like you, we want them to feel good about themselves and the life they are carrying. Your gifts bring great joy to our staff and increase our clients’ confidence about their ability to care for their little ones.

Baby Needs

  • blankets and baby afghans (New Only)
  • baby outfits/dresses (New Only, preemie to 2T sizes)
  • jackets and sweaters (New Only, up to 2T)
  • baby towels and washcloths (New Only)
  • bibs-booties-newborn (New Only)
  • sleepers-gowns (New Only)
  • swings-bassinets-highchairs (New or Gently Used)
  • misc. baby items like bottles-new bottle nipples-powder-lotion
  • cribs (no drop-side cribs, please)
  • disposable diapers (sizes Newborn, 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s)

Client Needs

  • fashionable maternity clothes (all items and sizes-especially large sizes)

Donations can be dropped of at:

1201 N. Stewart Street, Suite 110
Carson City, NV 89702