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Changing Hearts – Saving Lives

The issues relating to sexuality — unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, abortion, post-abortion consequences — affect everyone in our community.

LIFE CHOICES exists to save unborn children from abortion by empowering individuals to make healthy life choices through education, medical services, and practical support. We do this for the glory of God and to share the love of Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE that when “mercy and truth have met together” through compassionate, non-judgmental care, the results are amazing and wonderful for our clients and our community, both now and for eternity.

WE ARE HERE to advance the cause of Life, in Christ’s love, to bless our entire community. Since 1983, Life Choices has faithfully sought to save and protect the most vulnerable lives in Carson City and beyond. We work against the tide of sexual irresponsibility, epidemic STDs, unplanned pregnancies, abortion, broken relationships, and broken lives. We help to move people off the path of destruction and onto the path of Life. Because of the mighty work of God and partnerships with others…

We see over 500 new clients with new concerns each year, offering over 300 ultrasounds, seeing over 700 clients take parenting and fatherhood classes — putting us in  2018 with over 1,500 total client visits. Nearly 1,000 students each year are challenged to think seriously about their health and relationships through our “Abstinence Until Marriage” training and we will see nearly 400 women who were planning to abort, or susceptible to abort, choose to carry the baby instead, totally 415 at risk women seen each year.

It has been our joy and honor to represent the truth about life. Everyone can make a positive difference as we love like Jesus loved and join in compassionate service through the work of Life Choices in Carson City and beyond.

Services Life Choices provides – FREE OF COST:

  • Peer advocacy
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Limited Ultrasounds
  • Abortion facts
  • Post-abortion information
  • Adoption facts and referrals
  • Pregnancy and Parenting classes
  • Fatherhood Worskshops
  • Maternity and baby clothes
  • Referrals for housing, medical, education, legal, adoption, churches, etc.
  • Abstinence until marriage training for High Schools and Middle Schools
  • HOPE Team (Healthy Options and Purity Education) for youth groups
  • Bible Study for women who have abortion in their past

All Life Choices ultrasounds are provided by licensed medical professionals serving under a licensed physician.

Life Choices discloses that it neither performs, nor refers, for abortions.


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